MCL Coatings Ltd (07646946)

MCL Site Projects  (09459223)

Both registered in England and Wales and trading as MCL Group

Halebank Industrial Estate

Pickerings Road

Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 8XW

T   +44 (0)151 423 6166

F   +44 (0)151 495 1437

E   [email protected]

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Our Story

The MCL Group was founded in 1975 as Merseyside Coatings Ltd and is now one of the UK's leading multi surface treatment companies. As a family owned and managed business, our focus on safety, quality and customer relationships underpins every project we undertake.


The Group head office and main production facility is situated in Widnes, Cheshire and along with our on-site teams we employ more than 60 people working all over the UK and Ireland.

Our core services range from surface preparation of steelwork and concrete substrates and application of varying corrosion, waterproofing, intumescent and other specialist coating systems, with value add on services such as light fabrication, fixed scaffold provision, encapsulation/containment, asbestos removal, demolition and specialist resin flooring application.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity and ethical values - We are nothing without respect for others, and our aim is to treat others how we expect to be treated.

  2. Direct, open, and honest communication - Our industry is challenging at times, but we feel that honesty and accountability are the fundamental requirements to a successful project delivery.

  3. Commitment to clients - Clients are our future, commit to them and they will commit to us.

  4. Quality, safety and reliability - These are the mainstays of our business in order to provide outstanding services to our clients.

  5. Continual self-improvement / self renewal - The landscape changes and we must adapt by recognising the changes and reacting.

  6. Team-orientation / commitment to each other - "If we are all moving forward together, success will take care of itself" - Henry Ford.