Chemical and Hygiene ceiling, wall and floor coatings have become an important part of “clean” environments, such as laboratories, hospitals and in food preparation areas due to the threat of cross contamination and to assist with ever more stringent industry legislation.

Some coatings may contain anti-microbial elements, but regular cleaning of the surfaces gradually wears this protection away meaning re-application of the coating, typically within 18 months. Furthermore, conventional paints can be easily cracked upon impact, and this leaves crevices and cracks for fungi and bacteria to thrive and grow.


Specialist hygiene coatings contain non-leaching anti-microbial agents which are resistant to the vast majority of bacteria including MRSA, E-Coli and Salmonella, and can withstand vigorous cleaning, so that the protective agents last for the full life of the system.


There are a range of products offering different levels of baterial and chemical resistance, and we can apply systems which are resistant to solvents and strong acids which can be used in radio-active decontamination areas.


The coatings are elastomeric and can also be reinforced using fibreglass to ensure that they are adequaltely protected from impact damge.


MCL are approved applicators of these type of products for Sika and C-S Group.