At MCL Coatings we understand the importance of preparing any surface properly and diligently, prior to any application of coating materials.

Correctly preparing the substrate will ensure the best adhesion is achieved with the primer coat, and a clean, contaminant free surface will help to avoid any risk of premature failures to the protective coating system to be applied.


MCL Coatings has two dry blasting booths, the larger of the two being one of the UK's largest, measuring 22x8x8 metres. It has two access doors and a retractable roof, which allows our two 30-tonne overhead gantry cranes to lift items in and out of the blast area with ease.


Both our blast booths have a full grit recycling and dust extraction system ensuring good visibility, and constant flow of grit, allowing our operatives to work efficiently and as a result we can blast up to 4,000m2 of varying steel per week.

The abrasive used for general carbon steel substrates is chilled iron grit, however we are easily able change the grit type to a non-metallic form of abrasive such as Garnet or Aluminium Oxide, in order to treat galvanised surfaces or stainless steel items.

As well as dry abrasive blasting we also offer a wet blasting service, as well as UHP water-jetting.

Our blast operatives are all trained to the Advanced Blasting Module Level within the ICATS or TrainthePainter training schemes and our inspectors are all ICorr or NACE qualified.

We provide full abrasive blasting records for each job we treat containing surface cleanliness, surface profile, soluble salt and dust test results for full traceability for your project.